Types of Services

Can you test my child for dyslexia? Can you test for dyslexia in adults?

Yes, I can assess children and adults for dyslexia (reading disability) using a variety of assessment tools. I will then make recommendations for appropriate interventions. Using age-appropriate instruments to look at auditory skills, memory, processing speed, and other abilities associated with reading, I can also help to determine whether preschool and kindergarten students who are not yet reading are at risk for dyslexia.

Do you assess for ADHD?

Yes. There is no one “ADHD test.” Instead, diagnosis is based on a variety of sources, including behavioral observations, interviews, questionnaires, and test results. It is also important to rule out other causes¬† of attention problems–for instance, learning disabilities or medical conditions.

How can I or my child get extended time on standardized tests such as the ACT/SAT, GRE, or bar exam?

An up-to-date comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation and a history of needing accommodations in the past are usually required. You should contact the testing or licensing organization for more specific information.

How do you evaluate my child for behavioral or emotional problems?

Procedures include interviews, behavioral observations, parent and teacher surveys, and age-appropriate questionnaires and other measures completed by the child.

I am trying to decide whether my child should begin kindergarten. Can you help?

Yes. A developmental assessment can provide information about your child’s social development, behavior and attention, and learning skills.

My child has been evaluated recently, but I don’t understand or agree with the results. Can you give me a second opinion?

Yes. I can conduct either a complete or a partial re-evaluation. The first step is to meet with me to go over the initial report to clarify your questions and decide on the areas to be re-assessed

Can you tell me if my child is gifted?

You should first contact your school system to obtain an information packet that explains requirements and procedures. I can perform the cognitive (IQ) and academic skills components of the evaluation. After all of the required information is gathered, a team from your child’s school will determine if he or she is eligible.